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My hard drive in my Aspire 5740 died and after a clean install of Win 7 ultimate my wired Ethernet connection no longer works as there seems to be no driver for the adaptor. Windows looks for but is not able to find a solution online. Message center shows the following. Acer TravelMate 5740 Drivers Download This page contains the list of device drivers for Acer TravelMate 5740. To download the proper driver, first choose your operating system, then find your device name and click the download button.

I have happen to be right after the problem regarding Ethernet cable and wifi connection troubles with numerous manufacturer's PCs FOLLOWING the UPGRADE to Home windows 8.1. One doesn'capital t have to survey Microsoft't support web site and additional third-party tech forums to discover this can be a large and developing problem. MANY customers have Personal computers and laptops from ACER and numerous other businesses that make use of the Broadcom NetIink (TM) Gigabit Ethernet chipset and these users are posting the same signs and symptoms and problems surrounding the reduction of quickness or (mainly) slipped contacts that had been never experienced prior to the update. In checking with additional customers and their Laptop versions, I have learn and heard that any up-date to the Bróadcom Netlink (TM) Gigábit Ethernet driver does not can be found. Numerous some other driver improvements are submitted right here in the ACER support site but nothing regarding the Ethernet car owner. To me, it will be not an issue with ACER nór with any óf the additional OEMs making use of the Broadcom chipset. However, there are no updates posted by Broadcom and Microsoft appears to end up being referring users to the OEM'beds support sites to get any brand-new or updated drivers.

I believe we are in a oId-fashion 'black-éye syndrome' where neither company is getting possession of the problem. Delivering ACER supporters and customers to the Motorist update web page WITHOUT any fresh information/fixes for this ethernet issue is not constant with ACER's i9000 reputation and high quality. I would hope that ACER Assistance will get further actions to assist remedy this ethernet issue very quickly!

Say thanks to you, Tommy. I purchased an Aspire M5-481PT in the 1st week of Mar, 2013, and I have been very delighted with it. I purchased it to consider advantage of the brand-new touchscreen features and re-build of Home windows 8. I upgraded to Windows 8.1 this previous Saturday and it has been very even and trouble-frée. The ONLY, yet very crucial issue that resulted from the upgrade was this extremely troubling Ethernet, (cabled) problem. Shylaja has been very helpful via chat to suggest the Wi-fi car owner which fits to my construction (which is certainly a Qualcomm Athéros AR5BWB222 Wi-fi System Adapter/Car owner).

I assumed, that maybe, it may possess been suggested as it caused problems with with the Ethernet, Drivers from Broadcom. So I set up it but it has got no impact on the Ethernet, cable connection/port/connection. Perform you believe that the Broadcom Wifi LAN car owner will deal with the Ethernet (cabled) port and right the problem? If you perform believe that car owner will help with my configuration/laptop, i will surely try out it out.

Would you please verify this stage as a viable, feasible quality before I carry out the drivers update? PS - Here is my SN fór my Aspire laptop computer: NXM3WAA00530414D2B7600. Appropriate, that Is usually a wireless driver that I connected above, as it can be the just Broadcom driver that we have outlined for your system. Sampling into the issue specifically, will the gadget appear correctly in Gadget Manager? If there is usually an! Or Times on the device, can you survey the error that is usually listed? If it is certainly a connectivity issue, possess you tried to observe if the gadget is getting an IP address?

(I'michael presuming a link to a modém or routér with DHCP.) Have got you tried to link while in Safe Setting (with networking)? Eách of these items may give us some extra info on how to correct the concern. Tommy, thank you for your feed-back. Here's a duplicate/paste from my interactions in the Support Community at Microsoft. I will give you the information of my attempts to find a resolution for this. As a matter of suggestions. I attempted the referenced remedy concerning the 'netsh winsock reset to zero catalog' and 'nétsh int ip reset'.

It appeared that this appeared to work as it allowed a very much longer time period of video clip viewing - and I thought it got remedied the Ethernet, disconnection issue after setting up the Gain 8.1 upgrade. However, the Ethernet, connection problem do occur once again.

The network troubleshooter has been run and remedied the problem for the umpteenth period - network gateway had been fixed. While pleased for that recommendation, it appears not really to be a strong remedy. Will continue to pursue this community forum for more remedies. FYI UPDATE: I then attempted to make use of the recommendations to configuré my Ethernet adaptér/IP4 setting for set DNS tackles and used the Google Public details ( and It appeared to work for a longer period of period (I browse news movies and NFL highlight videos) BUT unfortunately, IT DID N0T WORK. AFTER 6-8 Mins, THE Ethernet, SIGNAL Been unsuccessful AND I Noticed THE YELLOW/! YET FOR THE 100TH Period!


I HAVE Right now ALTERRED MY FlREWALL TO SPEClFICALLY ENABLE Web browser 11 TO BE Allowed THRU THE FlREWALL (ALBEIT, I Put on'T Find out WHY THIS WOULD WORK), BUT I WILL LET YOU KNOW. Xilisoft video cutter 2 free version download for mac. I STILL Believe IT Is certainly A Issue WITH BROADCOM'T ETHERNET Motorist FYI Revise 2: Setting up the FIREWALL to enable IE 11 to specifically pass by means of.

DID NOT WORK. So an FYI relating to that. Great Information FOR MY SITUATION. I has been able to talk with Technology Support at ACER. In order to fix my Ethernet, CONNECTION, they suggested their up to date motorist for the QuaIcomm Athéros AR5BWB222 Wi-fi Network Adapter.

As you mention, I've also found it very helpful to have a focuser with repeatable focus settings. There's a lot of good information you've provided to help understanding focus. Mac Of course with all the jumping around and blurring caused by less than ideal seeing, best focus can be difficult to judge.

So even though this was NOT a SPECIFIC car owner for the Broadcom Gigabit Ethernet chipset, I went forwards with downloading it the up to date drivers and installing it. IT SEEMS TO Become WORKING!! Primo pdf writer for mac.

Very long playing videos from the net are enjoying without a glitch or fall in my Ethernet/sent/router link - well over an hr AND Heading. Before this, it would fall within 2 to 5 moments of video clip play AFTER THE WINDOWS 8.1 UPGRADE (which proceeded to go quite even). BUT SINCE I HAVE NOT RESET THE PRIOR FIX-ATTEMPTS AND Adjustments. I AM NOW Working WITH THE Right after THREE Adjustments TO MY Program: 1.

I CHANGED MY DNS SERVERS TO FIXED ADDRESSES (Search engines General public DNS Address) 2. MY FIREWALL WAS Transformed TO EXPRESSLY License IE 11 TO BE UNBLOCKED (THIS Can be A SECURITY BREACH, Is definitely IT NOT?) 3.

NEW QUALCOMM ATHEROS Wifi System ADAPTER Car owner INSTALLED (their Diddly package also updated and installed a fresh BLUETOOTH Car owner. If that had anything to perform with the repair) SO. IS IT PART AND PARCEL OF ALL 3 OR JUST THE Last REMEDY with the new Atheros Car owner? INTERESTING QUESTION. I Take place TO Think that IT Is usually THE Motorist Problem AND SO l WlLL ALTER THE OTHER 2 TO THEIR DEFAULTS and find what occurs. MY SYSTEM CONFIG IS: ACER ASPIRE/M WINDOWS 8.1 - 64 BROADCOM GIGABIT Ethernet, WHATEVER YOU MAY GLEAN FROM THlS. I WISH Y0U THE Ideal!

Tommy. The only modification to this is definitely that I CONTINUE to have dropped Ethernet contacts. With, however, longer lengths of period in my movie looking at or internet study.

10 to 20 mins. Therefore while this will be MUCH BETTER than in the preceding times, I possess acquired the dropped connection several times today. Therefore that network marketing leads me to believe that my ACER Aspire can be nevertheless in a quite tentative condition that is certainly not operating with the degree of reliatibility thát I've got over the preceding a few months before improving to Win 8.1.

Acer Ethernet Adapter Driver

I will discover out how to shoe 8.1 into SAFE Setting with Networking and will let you understand the outcomes. It may be a even though to check that, but I will blog post the up-date. AS PER Gadget MANAGER, it continues to display that my gadget is correctly functioning and there is definitely no yellowish warning symbol. Thanks, again!

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Tommy: I was able boot into gain 8.1 in 'Safe and sound MODE with NETWORKING' (choice 5) but alas. When doing therefore. It do not acknowledge or allow my ethernet link to become viewed. In Gadget Supervisor, it made an appearance and mentioned it had been working properly.

My Wifi connection worked great but the network window did not also screen my ethernet link. Anyway, I am back to 8.1 and the safe mode workout only demonstrated that the ethernet adapter was not also accepted/presented/enabled. Whatever the phrase!