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Here are the latest (as of November 21, 2011) drivers, useful resources and helpful optional software for the G73SW or G53SW running Home windows 7 64-bit, as properly as suggestions on installing them. This is certainly everything you need for your new laptop computer to functionality properly and have got all its efficiency. Adhering to this listing will assist prevent complications.

I was trying to make this checklist as upcoming proof as possible, so many links will be specially designed search queries to the manufacturers' websites. Hopefully they received't bust. This listing is structured on (option, if that one doesn't function: ), but updated and customized specifically for the H73SW. This listing was made because the drivérs on the Gary the gadget guy73SW and H53SW assistance pages are often not really the most recent types, and the ones on the Driver CD are usually certainly outdated.

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Plus, there are usually a great deal of confusing, worthless utilities incorporated. Preamble: Once you obtain your H73SW/G53SW, I recommend format your runs, deleting the ineffective Asus recuperation partition, repartitioning as needed and setting up a clear copy of Windows. You can later on create a back-up of Windows to change the features of the Asus recovery partition. Tutorial for optimal dividing for dual-HDD setups arriving shortly.

If your laptop arrived with a licensed version of Windows (there will be a permit sticker with the serial program code underneath the notebook) or you have a license from someplace else, you can For convenience, it may end up being a great idea to download all the required drivers beforehand. I also recommend turning Windows Update off until everything is installed, so that it wouldn't start setting up Microsoft drivers on its very own, and re-enable it after that. So right here will be a list of what is usually needed (and what'h elective) for a Gary the gadget guy73SW with a clean installation of Home windows 7 64bit: 1. Hotfixes First things first, on the G73SW motorist CD now there were six recommended Micrósoft Hotfixes for Gain7 back button64.

ASUS G73SW A1 DRIVER FOR MAC DOWNLOAD - On the other hand, the power consumption is lower with small screen diagonals and the devices are smaller, more lightweight and cheaper. This website uses cookies. The chassis is 16 inches wide, but it has 1. Overall Overall score reflects how great you think this hardware is. ASUS G73SW A1 DRIVER FOR MAC DOWNLOAD - On the other hand, the power consumption is lower with small screen diagonals and the devices are smaller, more lightweight and cheaper. This website uses cookies. The chassis is 16 inches wide, but it has 1. Overall Overall score reflects how great you think this hardware is.

They are uploaded here: Install them oné by one. Aftér setting up them all, reboot. (No need to reboot after each hótfix.) 2. BIOS The most recent bios can be found here: under 'BIOS'. The most recent version is usually generally at the best. It will be very probable that you possess already obtained the most recent BIOS installed.

You can check your present BIOS edition by entering the BIOS display (change on laptop and faucet Delete until you get presently there). If you already have the latest BIOS, you do not need to up-date it. The easiest way to flash is definitely to spot the Range of motion document on a formattéd USB flashdrive (Body fat/FAT32) and use the EZ-Flash BIOS energy, used by hitting Y2 during laptop computer Article / Start-up.

This is certainly the safest way. Additionally, you could download and make use of the Home windows BIOS Flash Utility (under BIOS-UtiIities), but that is more risky.

Keep in thoughts that if the BIOS blinking process will be disrupted, your laptop will turn out to be an expensive paperweight. So before flashing make certain: 1) the electric battery is fully charged 2) the Air conditioning adapter will be plugged in 3) nothing will disrupt/interrupt the procedure (this is usually why blinking making use of the EZ-Flash BIOS power is definitely safer). For those who have a Seagate Momentus XT Hybrid HDD: 3. Intel INF Revise The most recent Intel INF Revise tool can become found making use of this particularly crafted lookup query hyperlink: Please download the normal energy (infinstautol.exe), not the Zero Format version. It is usually recommended to operate this energy with the -overall change. To do this, push WindowsKey+Ur, browse to the place of infinstautol.exe, and add -overall (preceeded by a room). Instance: 'D: Downloads infinstautol.exe' -overall Reboot after installing.

Intel Fast Storage Technologies Motorist The most recent Intel INF Update energy can end up being found making use of this particularly crafted lookup query link: Reboot after setting up. An Intel RST icon will show up in your táskbar. You can disable it by operating this.reg file:. This will avoid the power from launching at startup, but the motorist will still function. NVidia Graphics Car owner (contains 3D Eyesight car owner, if required) The most recent NVidia images car owner can be found right here: If questioned, reboot after installing. Touchpad The latest car owner can end up being found right here: Choose the most recent driver that offers Touchpad Synáptics in the fiIename (NOT Touchpad SenteIic).

(The Synaptic car owner versions start with Sixth is v15 or later on). As of Nov 21, 2011 the latest was. Key pad First, install the Keyboard Filter Car owner.

There may end up being several data files with the exact same versions. Download the one particular which provides the latest date. After that install the ATKACPI driver.

LAN The latest Realtek LAN car owner can be found right here: Download and operate the latest 'Get7 and WinServer 2008 Ur2 Auto Installation Program'. Wi-fi For Athéros AR9285 or AR5M95 (default WiFI cards in G73SW): The latest motorist can end up being found right here (under Cellular): Select the Atheros Wireless Lan Drivers and Program with the most recent date.

Most recent car owner as of November 21, 2011: Verify Chastity'h for updates, occasionally an actually newer edition is obtainable there. Caution: After you set up this, Windows Update will automatically offer an older version of Atheros drivérs to download. Yóu must unchéck this upgrade and conceal it, so that Windows Revise doesn't downgrade the driver. For Intel Wi-fi cards: Most recent driver can become discovered in this hyperlink: Select your WiFi credit card in the 'Select a item title' list. For Azurewave NB037 (H53SW): The latest car owner can end up being found under 'Wireless'.

Bluetooth H73SW: The latest car owner can end up being found in your notebook's driver web page: G53SW: Download the latest 'Azurewave BlueTooth Car owner' from this hyperlink: 3.9. Cards reader The latest driver can end up being found in your laptop computer's car owner web page: under 'Card Readers'.

USB 3.0 The latest Fresco USB 3.0 car owner can be found right here: Download the latest Fresco USB3.0 Motorist. Sound You have two choices here. Option 1: You can make use of the latest Realtek drivers. Latest drivers can end up being found here: Choose 'Vista, Home windows7 Driver(64bits) Driver only (Executable file)'.

If the download hyperlinks don't function, try relaxing the web page. New download websites should display up. If that breaks down, verify Chastity'beds.

Reboot after installation. Type 'Manage sound products' in the Begin menu, open it.

Double-click Speakers. Go to the Advanced tabs. Select the highest small sample rate accessible (24bit, 192000 Hz). You may wish to check out out this: Take note: It provides been documented that specific versions of Realtek drivers cause the system to wake up right after placing it to sleep, thus stopping rest or hibernation. After you set up the Realtek driver from either choice and reboot, check out to discover if rest and hibernation is certainly working. Choice 2 CURRENTLY BROKEN, Check out BACK Down the road: You can make use of the latest Realtek drivers along with Audio Blaster X-Fi software, which gives you these extra features: EAX Advanced HD 4.0 support, Creative ALchemy (enables EAX effects in video games), X-Fi Crystalizer (crisper sound), X-Fi CMSS-3D (3D results), quantity normalization, equalizer, largemouth bass boost. Installation: 1.

Make sure you have the most recent Realtek drivers set up. (notice Option 1) 2. Reboot if you have got just installed them. Download and install the most recent modded X-Fi software program. Newest as of Nov 21, 2011: Check for up-dates here: (don'capital t download v1.2, that't older) Wear't reboot however. Ignore the virus warning, it's fake. There should become two data files, RUN.BAT and DDLDTSActivator.exe.

Make sure your anti-virus isn'testosterone levels obstructing or erased the DDLDTSActivator.exe file. Right-click on the RUN.BAT file and choose Run as Boss. A dark windows should quickly pop up and move away. Open the Creative Audio Handle -panel. At the best of the windows, Select device: Audio Blaster X-Fi MB 2.

Open the Creative System Launcher. Click on the glowing blue note symbol to the left of 'Enjoyment MODE'. Click 'Select sound gadget.' Select Audio Blaster X-Fi MB 2. Use the Creative Gaming console Launcher to configure the configurations to your liking. I use Bass Boost when using the laptop computer loudspeakers, and occasionally trigger thé X-Fi Crystalizer whén hearing to songs. All some other settings are usually off.

Right-click ón the Realtek drivers icon in the taskbar and select Audio gadgets (or kind 'Manage sound devices' in the Start menus). You should find this.

Create certain the Loudspeakers - Sound Blaster X-Fi MB 2 is definitely chosen as the default device (Right-click ->Collection as Default Device and Set as Default Communication Device). Optional. You can disable the Realtek Digital Output if you don't use it to conserve some strength. Double click on on Loudspeakers - Sound Blaster X-Fi MB 2.

Move to the Advanced tabs. Select the example rate. If you pay attention to mainly 44.1 kHz sound (like Youtube movies), go for 24bit, 41100 Hz, otherwise, select 24bit, 48000 Hz. Do the exact same for Speakers - Realtek High Definition audio. In inclusion, in the Levels tab, make sure the Realtek HD Sound Output is established to max. You can revise the software using Creative Auto Upgrade.

When you verify for updates, it will may show two new applications, Creative WaveStudio and Creative MediaSource Player/Organizer, both pré-selected. You cán deselect thém if you don't need them. Webcam The webcam provides no drivers. It should work anyway with Windows 7.

You can make use of the Asus LifeFrame software program with it if you like (comprehensive below). Utilities The full list of Asus software can be found here: Here are the Asus utilities and software that I found to become useful: 4.1. Wireless Console 3 Recommended. You require this for Fn+Y2 to function.

Allows you to switch WiFi and Bluetooth on and away. Obtain the latest version here: 4.2. Energy4Gear Cross Recommended. You require this for the Turbo button to function. Advanced energy options and dating profiles management. How to download mac os x lion on windows 7.

Get the latest version here: 4.3. Asus LifeFrame (Optional) Allows you to document movie and get pictures with the webcam. Get the latest version here: 4.4.

Asus Web Storage space (Optional) A free of charge assistance for go for Asus laptop and netbook owners that provides 3GT (even though it states 2GW on the site) of internet storage (more can be purchased if required). The efficiency is very similar to Dropbox.

Provides car synchronisation and auto backup features. Also provides easy revealing of data files over the internet. The machine can end up being slow occasionally though. Obtain the latest version at.

Desktop Devices (Optional) Some helpful desktop devices for your H73SW/G53SW: 5.1. Intel TurboBoost Keep track of Shows your CPU's TurboBoost state. The club is empty when TurboBoost is certainly sedentary, and gets fills up when your Central processing unit gets to its complete turbo power. Pictured here is certainly the v1.0.400.4 version, which arrives on the G73SW Drivers CD. The oné on Intel's site is v2.0, and IMO it is worse (it't large and continually generally half-filled with the stock regularity; you can examine it out ).

(taken from the Car owner CD) 5.2. CoreTemp gadget Shows CPU weight on the Central processing unit cores, simply because well as CPU heat range and RAM usage. Much better than additional similar devices, because others show the weight of all 8 digital threads, and that's rather useless IMO. Requirements to possess operating in the background. Pictured will be my construction.

The Zoom lens setting is definitely at 85%. Energy4Gear Cross types gadget Comes along with the Strength4Gear Hybrid application (comprehensive above). Simple changing between strength information. GPU Observer Mónitors the GPU.

Picturéd is certainly my configuration. The temperature reading, GPU insert, Memory fill and Clocks function correctly with the Gary the gadget guy73SW/G53SW (as pictured). Feel free to copy and change this guide for some other models. @Mods - feel free to upgrade this tutorial as needed. Thanks to Chastity fór her. Enjoy sargé.

When term of the it certainly left an impression. A giant, all-black 17-inches full HD widé-screen gaming Iaptop with a Coré i7 processor, 8GB of memory, dual 7,200rpm 500GB hard drives, a Blu-ray combo drive, and a 1GB ATI Radeon HD5870 graphics card for $1,700 is tough to ignore. And unlike some of the stuff we find at CES, the program really materialized as the Asus H73JH-A1. If you need or need the fastest mobile processor and images performance obtainable, the Gary the gadget guy73JH-A1 is definitely a action behind video gaming notebooks we've tested featuring Intel'beds 2.0GHz Core i7-920XMeters.

Nevertheless, its element combination is definitely strong more than enough to manage current games at medium to high graphics configurations as nicely as various other demanding jobs. If you wear't have that very much money to spend, the provides almost all of the truly important elements of the A1, but less storage, less memory space, no Blu-ray play-back, and a Iower-resolution dispIay-but at á considerably lower $1,200 price. Both are excellent high-performance notebooks for the cash and nicely put collectively, as well. We have a few of problems with the style, but nothing to keep us from suggesting it for anyone seeking a really powerful desktop computer replacement. Cost as examined $1,699.99 Processor 1.6GHz Intel Core i7 720QM Storage 8GT, 1333MHz DDR3 Tough commute 500GN 7,200rpm (back button2) Chipset Intel HM55 Images 1GW ATI Flexibility Radeon HD 5870 Operating System Measurements (WD) 18.4 x 12.4 in . Height 1.8-2.2 inches wide Screen dimension (diagonal) 17.3 inches System weight / Wéight with AC adaptér 7.8/9.8 pounds Category Motivated by the Y-117 stealth jet fighter jet, the angular chassis is large and aggressive-looking, but still somewhat low key.

Long gone are the blinking lamps and garish color plans of earlier Asus gaming techniques we've examined. The H73JH is usually instead a good matte dark with the cover and keyboard deck completed in a pleasant rubberized consistency that, unlike shiny plastic material, doesn't require a constant clean down to get rid of fingerprints. On the lid can be a easy sterling silver Asus logo design with a little engraved Republic of Gamérs emblem beIow it.

The just lights are a small number of blue backlit control keys and a individual beam of glowing blue light tucked into the bottom level advantage of the LCD'h bezel. (The keyboard is furthermore backlit for less complicated use in the dark.) It's an impressively large notebook computer and much from travel-friendly. All issues regarded, the program excess weight isn't poor; the power brick is usually gigantic, however, and weighs 2 lbs alone. Immediately noticeable-whether the cover is up or down-is the junk in the trunk area of this laptop computer. The keyboard deck is angled up 5 levels to enhance ergonomics, but furthermore pulls your eye to the giant back end. There are two large cooling vents at the significantly left and correct edges that apparently draw air flow through the key pad and deplete it out the back.

The battery pack pack is usually nestled in between the two grills. The setup enables the system to stay great and fairly quiet actually under full load. There are usually two substantial handles for thé LCD, but théy are usually not really at standard place at the back of the system; they're moved forwards about 2 in . so the dispIay sort of fIoats above the bódy with the vénts extending out béhind it. At thé best left of the key pad are usually three buttons: one shuts off the blue lighting under the screen, another activates a TwinTurbo mode, and the final adjustments screen colour settings (Regular, Gamma Corrected, Vivid, Theater, Soft, and a custom choice). The TwinTurbo setting provides immediate overclocking and didn'capital t appear to create very much of a distinction on this already powerful system. There are no under the radar media settings, just marks on the Functionality and directional tips.

It's not a large offer, but distinct volume/mute tips would be appreciated. Asus as usual makes great make use of of Functionality button orders therefore you can rapidly change things like strength strategies (Large Performance, Amusement, Quiet Office, and Strength Keeping) by pushing Fn + area pub. The key pad is, again, backlit and the strength is changeable or can be shut off completely. Nec dv 5800a driver for mac. The tips have a unusual shake to them whén typing, and thóugh the keyboard is quite big, taking into consideration the size of the system, it appears unnecessarily compact; the number mattress pad on the far right is significantly squished in assessment to likewise sized laptop computers we've examined. In contrast, the contact sleeping pad and its associated single key are massive. The 2.1 speaker system works well, getting very loud without distortion, but for having a small subwoofer, it doesn't have a great low-end.

They noise great, but you'll nevertheless need to spend in desktop computer audio speakers or for video gaming or press. One of the main differentiators between the Asus H73JH-A1 and the G73JH-RBBX05 is definitely the native promises of their 17.3-in . glossy wide-scréen LCDs: thé A1 is 1,920x1,080 pixels whereas the RBBX05 is 1,600x900 pixels. With the techniques side by aspect, there is definitely a apparent distinction with the A new1 being sharper and clearer.

However, the A new1's CCFL backlight is usually visibly dimmer likened with the LED-backlit screen on thé RBBX05. If you need both the increased resolution and LEDs, you'll have got to action up to thé (though you'Il shed the A1's Blu-ray get in the procedure). Apart from the lighting, the LCD appears excellent, with very good color and contrast performance. Viewing sides off to the edges are quite good, too. Asus H73JH-A1 Standard for category desktop replacement Video clip VGA-out, HDMl VGA and HDMl or DisplayPort Sound Stereo audio speakers with subwoofer, headphone/mike jacks Stereo speakers with bass speaker, headphone/mike jacks.

Information 4 USB 2.0, multiformat cards reader 4 USB 2.0, SD credit card reader Development Nothing ExpressCard/54 Networking Ethernet, 802.11 m/g/n Wi fi, Bluetooth Ethernet,, 802.11 c/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Optical get Blu-ray combination DVD burner or Blu-ray combination The networking and slot assortment on this Gary the gadget guy73JH-A1 is usually pretty basic: no eSATA or FireWire slots; no ExpressCard slot machines; and no DisplayPort. You do obtain a Blu-ray readers/DVD burner travel, but Asus doesn'capital t include software for playing Blu-ray disks; you'll possess to.

The mixed efficiency from the Core we7 processor, 8GW of Ram memory, 7,200rpm hard turns, and 1GN ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870 will be pretty great, especially taking into consideration the laptop computer's price. It sailed thróugh our multitasking, picture control, and audio encoding benchmark tests, attaining exemplary scores on all.

ln real-life tests it got no difficulty handling loading audio and video while concurrently running IM and e-mail customers and various other background tasks. We tested with a small number of gaming titles like Mass Effect, Call of Duty 4: Contemporary Combat, and Simply Cause 2; all performed smoothly. Once again, for the cash, this will be a solid system.