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  1. Oct 24, 2018  Office 2011 for mac I have just upgraded my MacBook Pro Retina to High Sierra and now every time I open an Office For Mac program I get a warning stating that this copy needs optimising for mac. This is on all the Office products I open.
  2. Many Office aficionados bought Microsoft Office 2011—the latest and greatest version of the software giant’s productivity suite for Mac—sight unseen. For everyone else, Microsoft announced.
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. Pros Fast, flexible office program suite.

Early access with Office Insider. You can join the Office Insider for Mac program to get early access to the newest Office innovations. To join, simply check the box Join the Office insider program to get early access to new releases. To move / re-install your licensed copy of Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac on a different computer / OSX installation, and re-authorize it without the license / serial / key available, copy the following from the old machine to the corresponding (same) spot on the new computer.

Almost all powerful Mac office software. Highly suitable with Office for Home windows. Well-integrated with OS X. Visible Basic for Programs documented and programmed macros fully supported.

Newly-designed Outlook replaces Entourage as email/calendar/contact app. Disadvantages No date synching with iCal.

Perspective gained't synch with or get mail from Trade Machine 2003 or previous. Bottom Line Office for the Macintosh roars back with fast, powerful program package the best of its kind for the OS X platform. With Microsoft Workplace for the Macintosh 2011 (House and Student version, $119; House and Company edition, $199), Microsoft has finally obtained it right. After a line of disappointing releases, the new Mac version of the world's almost all widely-used can be a spectacular success, and an unpredicted success for Microsoft'beds Macintosh team. Compared with Workplace for the Mac pc 2008 and its predecessors, Office 2011 is certainly revolutionary, better-designed, amazingly faster, vastly more effective, and considerably more compatible with Office for Home windows. It even includes a few functions that outclass ánything in its Windóws-based equal, ($499, 4 celebrities). If you're also a casual, light-duty office-suite user or a college student, ($79, 4 superstars) will be still a excellent choice, but if you've got heavy-duty function to carry out on the Mac, you'll need Workplace for the Mac pc 2011.

I utilized to suspect Microsoft of intentionally holding back Workplace for the Mac so that Windows users wouldn't become enticed to reject Home windows for OS Times. For the initial time, Operating-system X provides an office package I can think about using full-time. Workplace for the Macintosh still provides some minimal disadvantages, and at minimum one feature that's less effective in than the prior version—Office simply no longer syncs caIendars with iCal. 0verall, it's thé greatest office suite actually for making use of the Mac as a critical platform for obtaining work done. Office for the Macintosh arrives in two versions, a House and Student Edition (solitary user package deal, $119; three-user family bundle $149) and a House and Business Version (single user bundle, $199; certified for two devices, $279). The Home and Student version includes Term 2011, Excel 2011, PowerPoint 2011.

The House and Company version fits the House and Student edition plus Perspective 2011, which replaces the Entourage email, work schedule, and get in touch with supervisor app in current versions. The nearly all newsworthy modifications in the package consist of the sparkly new Outlook and the cooperation feature that lets multiple users edit a document simultaneously when the record is saved on Microsoft'beds free SkyDrive cloud-based storage space or on a SharePoint server. I tested this by modifying records at the same time from a Macintosh and a Home windows machine, and the whole procedure had been surprisingly clean, although I required to click a Save button on each machine before the real content that I had produced on one device was visible in the some other. Velocity, automation, integration But the best point about the brand-new collection for many real-world customers will become its jackrabbit acceleration—unlike the pokiness that made the prior version nearly useless. I furthermore like the new ribbon interface. It's i9000 equivalent to the ribbon on the Home windows edition, with a several modifications that reveal the graphics-oriented entire world of the Mac.

For instance, the bows on the Mac version consists of tabs for conventional graphs and the téxt-based SmartArt chárting feature, but puts mail-merge functions on a drop-down menus rather of on a tabs as in the Home windows version. In the Mac edition, if you would like to conceal or reveal the ribbon making use of the keyboard, you need to push Option-Command-R. I wish Microsoft acquired included an choice to use the CtrI-F1 keystroke thát the Home windows version uses for the exact same feature. One advantage of the Mac pc version is that it uses both the ribbon and the standard Mac top-line menu, for optimum simplicity of access to its numerous features. Visual Fundamental and Backstage I'm also delighted to see the return to the Macintosh version of the Visual Fundamental for Applications automation vocabulary. This indicates I can lastly report and edit Phrase macros in Operating-system A, and, much better nevertheless, I can use all the macrós I've recorded or composed over the yrs for make use of in the Windows version. I furthermore like a new full-screen watch that enables me edit a Term document without getting sidetracked by the desktop, dock, or choices.

Some of the selection's very best new features are straight duplicated from Apple iWork 09, but that doesn'capital t make me any less pleased to have them, and it's great to have Apple-style beauty combined with Workplace's special energy. One significant feature in Office 2010 for Home windows that isn'capital t matched up in Office 2011 for the Mac will be the Home windows' edition Backstage look at, which puts all file-management and publishing features on a one, spacious menus. I like the Backstage look at in Home windows, because it takes the location of Home windows' very own cramped and ill-designed print and document management selections, but I don't skip the Backstage feature in the Mac version, because Operating-system X provides a well-designed user interface for publishing and document administration in its built-in menus. Overall, Workplace for the Mac pc is more Mac-like than actually before, and thát's a good thing. Word for the Mac Grows Up Term for the Macintosh finally provides practically all the spectacular energy and flexibility of Word for Windows, and it also adds a several special methods of its very own. When you modify a record in the fresh full-screen watch, nothing is definitely visible except the present page and a history image—by default level black, but you can select among various textures. When you move the mouse to the top of the screen a format toolbar shows up; it's less distracting than the complete OS Times menu pub that seems in iWork't Pages app when you shift the mouse to the best of Pages' full-screen view.

Word 2011's complete screen view, unlike Web pages', lets you change between editing and enhancing mode and a read-only mode that uses a Time-Machiné-style sheaf óf web pages behind the current page to provide you an concept of how several more pages stay beyond the one you're reading through. In normal editing sights, Word includes an elective Sidebar, approximately comparative to the Phrase for Home windows menu pane—the line at the left of the editing and enhancing windows that displays thumbnail images, a record chart, or research strikes. The Mac version increases on the Home windows sat nav pane by incorporating the document summary to the Sidébar. For me, thé greatest information in Word—and furthermore in Excel and PowerPoint—is the come back of the Visual Fundamental for Programs (VBA) automation language that vanished from Office in the changeover from the 'traditional' Mac OS to Operating-system A. This isn'capital t the restricted version of VBA acquainted from ancient Mac variations of Workplace, but the full language—minus Windows-specific functions.

Microsoft Office 20011 For Mac

I had been able to move my macros from the Home windows edition of Word and transfer them into the Macintosh version, and nearly all of them worked flawlessly. The only exceptions were the macros that used Windows-only functions like the uneditable Guarded Setting that the Home windows version uses by default when opening files down loaded from the Web. The various other terrific fresh feature is the Designs Guide screen. When you convert this on, á color-coded column shows up (on display just) in the perimeter of your document. Each stop of colour has a amount, and the colours and numbers match colours and quantities in the designs menu, so you can see which designs are attached to every paragraph.

This is usually impossible in all additional versions of Phrase, and all some other word-processors. Another option, also available from the Styles menu, transforms on a 'direct formatting indicator' that sets out in glowing blue all the text message in the document that is usually formatted straight from a menu with (for example) italics or bold, instead of becoming formatted with a design. I only wish that Home windows users will obtain this terrific function before as well long. Phrase's Posting Setting Dazzles Like the previous version, Phrase can function in two different settings, one for regular word-processing paperwork, the additional a 'publishing' mode used mostly for graphics-rich styles like menus and flyers. (Apple company's Webpages app utilizes two closely identical operating modes.) Phrase for the Mac pc's submitting mode offers essentially the same feature established as the individual Author app in Office for Home windows, and enhances on Publisher by saving data files in Term's regular.DOCX format instead of Publisher's.Club structure, which can't become go through by any app except Author. The big information in the latest version of Word'beds publishing mode will be the powerful reordering function (which will be also incorporated in the Mac edition of PowerPoint). To shift a graphic picture or text package toward the front side or back again in a multi-layer layout, you utilized to have got to select each object in change and select Proceed to Back or Proceed to Front side, usually a complicated operation if the item you wished to proceed was hidden behind another object.

Ms Office 2011 Download

Right now, you can select Reorder Objects from the ribbon, and Phrase (or PowerPoint) displays all the objects on the page in a 3-Deb horizontal stack of levels, each with a individual object on it, making it easy to move the coating you want to proceed to exactly the correct position in the stack. You can make easier the procedure even even more by selecting Reorder Overlapping Items instead of Reorder Objects, and after that the 3-G display displays only the overlapping items, not really the some other ones on the same page.

It'h a excellent and even beautiful answer, and there's nothing like it in any additional software. Like Word and Publisher 2010, Word for the Mac facilitates typographic features like 'lower-case numerals,' which are more legible in common text than regular full-height numerals. The Mac version even exceeds the Windows edition in its typographic support by showing a drop-down menu of the variations in typographic design accessible for the current font—although this menu is sadly included just in the Word't publishing setting, not really its default word-processing mode. You can make use of typographic variants in both settings, but they're obtainable in word-processing setting only from a listing that doesn't show what the variants actually look like. Apple company's Pages—part of iWork '09—can be an innovative word-processor, specifically precious for graphics-rich docs.

Good as it is, it can't match Term in power and versatility, and now, with Word's dazzling new version, Web pages can'capital t match Word actually in speed. If all you need to create are memos and letters, Pages will get the work done, but if you require to get some true work done, nothing methods Word.

Many Workplace aficionados bought -the most recent and best version of the software giant's productivity collection for Mac-sight unseen. For everyone else, Microsoft announced on Wednesday that a test is today obtainable for free. Whether you've happen to be on the wall about the new Office discharge or you just adhere to a strict code of try-béfore-you-buy, thé brand-new of Microsoft's Office for Mac pc site should end up being songs to your. The downside is definitely that you'll possess to hand over a few personal information to Microsoft in order to download the package.

Microsoft Office 2011 For Mac Kickass

But the great news can be that you'll score fully practical demos of every ápp in the suité:, and the triumphantIy resurrected which, l should note, is only incorporated in the House and Company model. Like Lieutenant Commander Data, the Workplace for Macintosh 2011 trial is fully functional, but only for 30 days. To run it, you'll need an Intel-based Mac pc running Macintosh OS X 10.5.8 or increased, as well as 1GC of Ram memory and 2.5GM of free space.