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I can confirm that this is an issue only on the desktop version of Chrome. With Extended Protection enabled, and set to 'Accept' (as opposed to 'Required') on our ADFS 2.0 server, Office365 authentication works on Chrome for Android, but not on Chrome for Desktop (Windows). The problem has nothing to do with the request itself, the problem is that the data returned is not what I told chrome it would be. So chrome breaks. Disney infinity for mac. If I remove the datatype argument completely chrome figures out what the data is when it gets it.

Success Portal Login Not Working For Chrome For Mac

  • It also works for some users and not for others, but all of us have the exact same version of Chrome and Office. (Office 2013 and Chrome Version 42.0.2311.90 m). I read somewhere that Chrome won't support these types of plug-ins beginning this month.
  • For Chrome under Mac OS X, SPNEGO will work without any additional confguration, but will only negotiate to NTLM. It is possible to configure a setting named AuthServerWhitelist to authorize host or domain names for SPNEGO protocol message exchanges.

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