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Hi, After a bit of help with my torrent problem! I'm new to downloading torrents (last 30 days or so) and it has been all going great, I've finished various torrent downloads (few collection and 5 films) with no troubles at all. Final week I've had major issues with an amber light so I read through all the manuals on right here to create certain it was all fixed up okay. Then I study through the discussion board and saw that it could end up being a port forwarding issue.

Yo, Right I'm not a very technical person but i've recently just got this mac however the problem occuured only a week or so back when I had a windows. Dec 02, 2013  Hello, I am trying to download a torrent and have successfully clicked on it and it has popped up in BitTorrent as a new torrent. It asks me for a label and I have the option to check 'add to top of queue', ' start torrent' and 'skip harsh check'.

I have implemented the guideline on port forwarding and all appears okay. BUT the button on bittorrent is still amber (no inbound contacts) Not sure what info you may need to supply help so if you simply say what you require (and preferably how to discover it) that would be greatly valued. Few other pieces of details: ISP BT using BT home hub 3 Utorrent set up on 6 30 days old macbook professional No issues prior to this Took laptop over to g/f's and without modifying a factor I could download super quick (fresh GOT series performed in 45 mins!) This means to become it's sométhing with my ISP/Routér but why wouId the issue only simply have emerged! Completed torrents are stored on an external hard drive Looking forward to becoming an active part of this discussion board! Any assist will be appreciated:-). Thanks a lot again for your reaction. I've run the Glasnost check and the results were: Is your upload traffic rate restricted?

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Your ISP shows up to rate limit your uploads. Information:. Your ISP appears to price restrict your BitTorrent upIoads. In our checks, uploads using control moves attained up to 16636 Kbps while uploads using BitTorrent achieved up to 980 Kbps.

Your ISP shows up to rate control uploads on slot 6881. In our checks, uploads on interface 6881 attained up to 16636 Kbps while uploads on interface 57178 achieved up to 981 Kbps. Can be your download visitors rate limited?

Your ISP seems to price restrict your downloads. Details:. Your ISP seems to rate limit your BitTorrent downIoads. In our tests, downloads making use of control runs achieved up to 23892 Kbps while downloads using BitTorrent attained up to 29 Kbps. Your ISP appears to rate limit downloading on slot 6881.

In our lab tests, downloads available on slot 6881 attained up to 23892 Kbps while downloads on port 57178 attained up to 30 Kbps. Java 6 download for mac.